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Law school students are experts in the theory of our legal system and all its intricacies. However, putting this wealth of knowledge to the test in a practical sense is often lacking. This is the central mission of the BLSC. We want to equip our fellow students with experience that would allow them to become better aspiring lawyers by solving real-life cases.  

Companies are on a never ending quest to find the best solution for the problems they face, preferably without sky-rocketing costs. We are highly educated and constantly up to speed with the most recent developments in law, and are keen to use that knowledge to your benefit at an unparalleled price.    

Society members come into contact with our legal system on a daily basis, whether it's about an online purchase, a lease agreement or a student job. On certain occasions, some quick and accurate advice is more than welcome. Therefore we offer the unique service of helping you with personal, affordable legal service.    

Brussels Law School Consultancy was founded by 4 VUB law students looking for opportunities to use their knowledge in practical situations. By recruiting even more consultants, we want to grant this opportunity to as many students as possible, as well as guaranteeing low cost legal advice.


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